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Restaurant Reviews Articles | Sortachef

California Dreamin’: Noshing without kids in San Francisco

Coming down Nob Hill my friend took his Porsche airborne at Powell, turned to me and grinned.

‘Is that what you meant?’ He downshifted in front of the hotel, hooked a U-ey and screeched to a halt at the curb. The women unfolded themselves from the tiny backseat, straightened their hair, and cursed our recklessness as two bellhops ushered us through the big brass [...]

Hot Places to Dine in Pittsburgh

The sun shone with searing intensity on the outside seating area at Jerome Bettis Grille 36. Brightly clad baseball fans made their weekly pilgrimage to an afternoon game and, while I would’ve killed for a good beach umbrella right about then, I watched them stream past incongruously carrying brooms. Brooms but no umbrellas; go figure!

Sandwich Spectacular: Paesano's and Sesame Seeded Sandwich Rolls

The guy in the light blue tee shirt darted around Paesano’s with the quick assurance of a fellow who had things to do. Slipping from behind the sandwich window he wiped his hands, pirouetted on the shiny tiles, landed at the edge of our table and raised his pad. He held his pen in the [...]

Peri Peri Chicken

If I didn’t know for sure, I’d have said that the English cousins were fading. In the wan light of the massively scaffolded hulk of Victoria Station, being retrofitted high above the comings and goings of the kingdom’s masses, I thought I saw them – just for a second – struggle to keep their young [...]

Philadelphia Hoagies and other Great Sandwiches

It really doesn’t take a lot to make a guy from Philly happy at lunchtime. Send him to a clean and basic restaurant that does a tasty hoagie or a nice cheesesteak and he’ll be smiling ’till dinnertime. As any Philly boy or girl can tell you, a sandwich like this is good for the [...]

The State of British Pizza: 2010

Mauro with the woodfired oven at San Carlo on Granby Street in Leicester

 The following are notes from Sortachef’s recent trip to the UK. 


July 21st, Bloomsbury, Central London 

While walking to Covent Garden after depositing our bags at the hotel, I spy a well-dressed man at a sidewalk table eating what looks like a mighty fine [...]

Huminta: A Bolivian Delight

I’ve never been to Bolivia, but I’ve been many times to the Copacabana Café in the Pike Place Market. A South American beer tastes fine there on one of those perfect Seattle afternoons, when mountains come out to stand boldly against a wondrously blue sky. Okay, they’re not the Andes. But perched there on the Copacabana’s deck, with [...]

Vij's in Vancouver: Cutting edge Indian with an excruciating wait

A week or so ago Kathy and I went to Vij’s for a celebration dinner. It was a Saturday night, the night for celebrations. We knew what to expect, as we’d been 4 or 5 times before – a long wait, drinks in the back lounge, with its crowded coat room and a few low [...]

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