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British Dishes Articles | Sortachef

Family Friendly Chicken Pot Pie

“Daaad. What’s for dinner?” My teenaged daughter’s voice came muffled but urgent from the next room. I pushed her door open to see familiar white earbud wires streaming from her newly cropped head. Homework papers sprawled across the covers that she had pulled up to her chin. Her phone and laptop were within easy reach.

“Chicken pot pie,” I said as casually [...]

Finest Fuji Apple Pie

At the gorge in George, the road heads north through miles of dry landscape: dark rock trimmed with sagebrush and sparse grasses. West of Quincy, however, is a completely different story. Here the land is sunglinted green in a wide swath that follows the glistening Columbia as far as the eye can see. Closer in [...]

British B&B Breakfast Pizza

At Brighton the bus turned west and set off onto a wide sweep of headland. Here and there white chalk cut into fields and stood starkly against the green shrubs and close-cropped grasses that filled our view. At Southampton a low swath of land dropped to reveal the Solent and the sea beyond.  As I gazed upon [...]

Tom Stobart’s Mango Chutney

As we gobbled strips of its heady fruit a crowd of dark-eyed children formed around us, giggling at the sight we made. Before long, as fragrant mango juice bubbled onto our hands and ran in sticky rivulets down our chins, we were giggling too. At that moment we were in complete agreement with Tom Stobart, who said that after eating a really good mango you need to take a [...]

Woodfired Eccles Cakes

Eccles Cakes (really more of a pastry to us Americans) are savory treats filled with currants that are delicately spiced with nutmeg and allspice. Once you’ve had one, you’re hooked! The flavor combination is the quintessential accompaniment to tea for many an Englishman and Englishwoman. Sprung from the unlikely industrial town of Eccles, west of [...]

Peri Peri Chicken

If I didn’t know for sure, I’d have said that the English cousins were fading. In the wan light of the massively scaffolded hulk of Victoria Station, being retrofitted high above the comings and goings of the kingdom’s masses, I thought I saw them – just for a second – struggle to keep their young [...]

Veggie Cottage Pie in the Peak District

The tang of coal smoke hangs in the air as we heft our packs and make our way through the cobbled streets of Glossop. Out past the clusters of stone houses, all tumbled together, we rise to a low ridge that takes in views of glorious dales gleaming in hazy sunshine. The air up here is [...]

The State of British Pizza: 2010

Mauro with the woodfired oven at San Carlo on Granby Street in Leicester

 The following are notes from Sortachef’s recent trip to the UK. 


July 21st, Bloomsbury, Central London 

While walking to Covent Garden after depositing our bags at the hotel, I spy a well-dressed man at a sidewalk table eating what looks like a mighty fine [...]

British Brown Baps

I was playing with some different bread dough last week that led me down an English lane – metaphorically speaking, that is. The almond flour I added to my dough had produced a loaf that was dark on the outside, light on the inside, and with a nuttiness that put me in mind of the [...]

Welcome Aboard

At Woodfiredkitchen.com, Sortachef takes you on adventures in the kitchen and beyond, with tales to suit. Many of his offerings are woodfired - a flaming good recipe for pizza, bread, or something different. All recipes are original and tasty. Enjoy!
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