Ten Steps to making great Pizza Dough

At Chez Bullhog, we take pizza pretty darned seriously. In the lead-up to building our woodfired oven in 2004, the fervor stepped up a couple of notches. Sure, we can always work the toppings, but it’s the dough that has become most important. As any aficionado can tell you: every great pizza begins with a [...]

Huevos Rancheros the Puebla way

The sun-drenched pink walls in the central court at Mesones Sacristía were too much for my early morning eyes. We ducked from the brightness into a quiet room to one side and slipped into a fug of half-sleep, slaking the cotton of jetlag with coffee. Maurice raised an eyebrow at the sunglasses I’d donned against the glare and held his pencil [...]

The Whitest Christmas Ever

I can still remember as a kid tracing lines of frost on the window that day. A few wispy snowflakes came dancing out of a slate-gray sky, magically kissed against the glass and were gone. I pushed closer to see. And then there were more and more, twirling madly out of the twilight. As I [...]

Purple Eggs

Happy Easter from our house to yours. Whether you say Buona Pasqua, ¡Feliz Pacua!, Kali Anastási, Joyeuses Pâques, or something totally different, our best wishes go out to you on this moveable springtime feast!

I made these lusciously colored eggs with blue food coloring after making the red eggs for my Greek Easter Bread. A small amount [...]

Merry Christmas from Our House to Yours

The Hogeland Christmas Bun

This holiday bread has been a tradition for Christmas breakfast in my family since I was a small boy; my children would not recognize Christmas without it. I wish you peace, hope and prosperity for the holidays and in the coming New Year.

Welcome Aboard

At Woodfiredkitchen.com, Sortachef takes you on adventures in the kitchen and beyond, with tales to suit. Many of his offerings are woodfired - a flaming good recipe for pizza, bread, or something different. All recipes are original and tasty. Enjoy!
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