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How-to Video: Making Dinner Rolls | Sortachef

How-to Video: Making Dinner Rolls

This entertaining as well as instructional video follows Sortachef’s recipe for making Aunt Marie’s Dinner Rolls. For a better viewing experience, click the 4-arrow icon at the bottom right to watch it full screen. Enjoy!          Play time: 8 minutes 


22 comments to How-to Video: Making Dinner Rolls

  • Sweeeet. I’ll be taking advantage of this on Thanksgiving :-)

  • Hey there! You make it look so easy. When I am no longer a gimp, I will have to whip up a batch of these! :)

  • Chuck

    Very nice. Like the soundtrack.

  • Kim

    The video makes it look too easy, can’t wait to try it!

    Nice job Don.

  • Thanks for the how to video, I love making dinner rolls, next time I’ll definitely try your way

  • Bill F.

    Great video, Don.

    Your rolls made me hungry.

  • Gavin

    Way cool! Did great for your first production. Good tone, transistions pretty good. I’m sure your acting will lossen up the more you do ;)
    Looks like you have found MS Movie maker to work OK.
    Now I gotta try that recipe!

  • Don, You’re a natural! Next stop TV?

  • Nice! Great looking rolls. I’ll post this on Facebook for my yeastaphobe friends.

  • Michael

    That was fun, thanks. I’ve sent the link to a couple fine-chef friends.

  • Tracy


    This is wonderful!! You need to have your own program on the Create channel. J

    Your fan,


  • Only 3 hours??!!! LOL. These may be gracing my table on Thanksgiving if I get motivated ;)

  • Those rolls are perfect. The kind you just want to gobble up without anything on them. Thanks for sharing a family recipe!

  • Nicely done Don!!! I love the way that you cut them, never would have thought of that, very handy technique. I’m so glad you sent this to me! I have indeed forwarded it to two friends who were asking about homemade rolls. Aunt Marie is going to have quite a following!!

  • Don,
    I LOVE this video! Your instructions are clear and the video is so well taken! BRAVO!!! I will share this video with my family and friends. I have included your blog in my favorite links too. A big thank you for your comment on my baby bok choy and yam!

  • Cousin Ham (really his wife 'cause he's NOT techno!)

    These look awesome, Don! What a sweet tribute to the ultimate homemaker~ your wonderful aunt and my loving mother-in-law! Can’t wait to see your other entries, as a fellow foodie. Looking forward to learning.
    xo, Carol

  • Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I gave you an award! Check it out: http://thelonelyradish.com/2010/11/27/thanks-and-giving/

  • thank you so much for the recipe..im trying to make it now..will come back to let you know how it turns out..

  • roz

    hi can you convert the recipe for your dinner rolls over to pounds n ounces plz as i find a cup of this n that confusing tyvm x

  • Charlene Gallaty

    I always see a lot of comments about how good the recipes “look”. Doesn’t anyone watching these sites ever actually make and review what they see?

  • Jonathan from Norway

    Thanks a billion for the great recipe! I made these dinner rolls straight after seeing your video clip! Pausing the video while fetching and mixing together the ingredients. I also got my almost three year old daughter to help out.. and she loved it!! However we did come upon some complications during the baking process.. I used google to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius so nothing was wrong there.. The thing is that only after five minutes the rolls started to get light brown.. Then after 15, they were almost burnt. So i removed the rolls from the oven and inspected their inside only to find that the dough was still basically liquid. In confusion, i took a scissor and trimmed away the top already cooked parts and place the rolls back in the oven… While waiting for them to properly finish, me, my wife and kids enjoyed the crunchy tops with butter and strawberry jam! We all loved them!! The rolls in the oven then completely finished 10 min later, and were wonderfully soft and delicious!! ..The only reason i can think of to why the rolls baked kind of wrong is that our lasagna pan may have been slightly smaller than yours.. thus, given us a lot more depth to bake through.. It could therefore be a good idea to mention the dimensions of your lasagna pan somewhere in the video. Then one could adjust the recipe accordingly… Again big thanks and thumbs up to this wonderful recipe! =D Definitely making these again!

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